Charges and costs

Costs will usually be determined by your insurance company. Contact your insurance company or the literature that they sent you to determine what your deductible and copay will be. Copays for office visits will often be found on your insurance card - this may be all you will pay or you may have a deductible that must be met before your insurance will pay anything.

Most insurance will have an "allowed amount" which is regarded as full payment for those insurance companies that we are contracted with (see About Us -> Insurance for a list).

If you do not have insurance or if you have insurance that we are not contracted with (often called "Out of Network") then we will consider either the Medicare Allowed Amount or the "Healthcare Blue Book " price to be appropriate, regardless of what your insurance says.

Some of the procedures that we routinely use, such as ambulatory EEGs (see FAQ -> EEG), are difficult to find pricing information for, In these case, we will not charge more than the Medicare Allowed Amount. You can research prices and get estimates for what you may pay on The "procedure codes" or "cpt codes" that we use are usually:

99205 or 99204 for new patients.

99215, 99214 or 99213 for established patients.

95819 for a regular EEG and 95953 for ambulatory EEGs (1 x 95953 for each day).

Hospital codes that we typically use are 99222, 99223, 99232, 99233 for routine care and 95951 for video EEG (1 per day).

We may order an MRI of the brain - the code for this is 70553

A recent development is a site that allows complete pricelists to be published by participating institutions. It is a bit sparse as of 10/25/2014 - only one place in Florida, so far.