Support and Resource Sites

- Education and an epilepsy-focused community

- Family support, seizure safety, source of  The Safety Place Mat ®

Authoritative Reference Sites

Medline Plus - Site sponsored by the National Institutes of Health

Epilepsy Foundation - Site sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation
- Site sponsored by

The Epilepsy Society in the UK - A very informative site - while this is the UK, and so phone numbers and resources may not be applicable, there is a lot of good information here. Some of the name-brand drugs for children or the name-brand drugs for adults may have other names in the USA.

Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy - Cerebral Palsy Guidance is an educational support website dedicated to providing parents with detailed information on the complex condition of cerebral palsy and its associated disorders.

Sleep and Epilepsy Good sleep habits are important for everyone, but particularly important for people with epilepsy. Lack of sleep is an easy way to induce seizures and we use sleep deprivation as a toll to identify seizure types during a hospital inpatinet stay.