Our Patient Portal Allows You To Contact Us In A Variety Of Ways

If you previously had a password, you will need a new one. The way in which our portal works has changed. 

You can now check your upcoming appointments and send secure messages to us and we can send secure messages to you. We can also securely upload documents to the portal. 

Contact our office to obtain a password and username - we strongly advise you to use a password that is secure - at least 8, preferably more, characters with a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and "special" characters. Avoid using parts of your name or address, dictionary words or dates. There are some extremely fast and efficient password guessing tools out there. 

We will put your username and password into your account and you will then be able to login to the portal - Once you are there you will be able to change your password. Note that we will not know what this is - however we can reset it.  


 For payment, we have a secure payment portal - Payment Portal